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We Are A Mother & Daughter Children's Yoga Teacher Team.

Our mission: 

Teach the mindfulness of yoga to young people,
allowing them to shine in every moment.


Yoga initiates a deep self awareness.
Through postures and breath work and the connection of the two,
we become in tuned to what we are feeling in every moment.
How we react to these feelings effects us and all around us.
With this awareness, we learn acceptance of what is while maintaining a sense of peace
and always, in all ways
shine our brightest.

A classroom setting for instruction allows children to embrace the
benefits of yoga for their individual sense of well being.

They'll  learn how their mindfulness influences their surroundings in the classroom
and with family, friends, or participating in any part of community.

Think your kid's not stressed? Guess again.


From Pre-School through High School children have to consistently;

wake up early, be on their best behavior, keep up with good grades, deal with peer pressure, and attend

after school activities; karate, sports, dance etc. and then...there's homework.

~ It's Time To Breathe ~

~ It's Time To... Let Them Shine ~


Yoga Helps Kids and Teens

~Strengthen Their Bodies: gain flexibility, balance, body awareness.

~Enrich Their Minds: Increase focus, concentration, and self-esteem. Learn stress management and overall confidence.


~Connect With Their World: Learn to honor , explore, and respect the earth, it's people, and themselves.



Interested in getting yoga into your kid's school, after school program or day care?

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Pricing for classroom sessions is different than the private session pricing on the site.
More information on pricing would be discussed with further interest on your end.

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